Kosher Supervision & Certification

We provide companies with cost-effective, reliable kosher supervision & certification without exorbitant fees or overhead. Our organization has many years of experience certifying kosher products and establishments throughout New England.


Commercial Facility Conversions

We will work with you on a transition plan to make your facility and its equipment ready to produce kosher products. From this plan, we can provide a reliable quote for performing the sanitization process.


Event Facilitation

We work with caterers and event facilities to develop kosher menu plans either as an options for a subset of your attendees, or to support entirely kosher events.


Scribal Services

We inspect mezuzot, tefillin, and sifrei Torah for defects and check for imperfections that would render it pasul. We also offer free loaner tefillin while your pair is being repaired. We offer custom written mezuzos and tefillin for that special housewarming gift or bar mitzvah present.